Manchester City achieved an exciting victory over Arsenal by 2-1 at the Premier League summit in the twenty-first week of the meeting today, which was held on Saturday evening, January 1, 2022.

Strong start from the Gunners

The Arsenal team entered the match with full force in the first minutes of the first half of the match and controlled the course of matters in order to search for the opportunity for the first goal, especially since Manchester City's scoring capabilities are much higher than the Gunners .

Arsenal leads with a goal

In the 31st minute, Arsenal managed to snatch the first goal through Bukayo Saka, who gave the Gunners the advantage in the first minutes against Manchester City.

Manchester City returned to the course of things again after receiving the first goal to control the midfield and trying to build the quick attacks that Spanish coach Pep Guardiola relies on.

Manchester City managed to threaten the Arsenal goal, and if it were not for the vigilance of the Gunners, the net would have been visited by goals before the end of the first half of the match, and the advantage again returned to Arsenal.

The second half of the match

The Manchester City team entered the first half of the match late with a goal and worked to build organized attacks and relied on short balls that go to De Bruyne, all the way to the great Algerian international striker Riyad Mahrez.

City equalizer

In the 57th minute, the great Algerian international striker Riyad Mahrez scored the first goal for Manchester City from a penalty kick awarded by the match referee, and the Desert Warrior managed to score.

Arsenal tried to return to the course of things again and succeeded in controlling and possessing the balls in the middle of the City stadium in order to search again for the opportunity to advance with a goal.

Manchester City managed to return to possession of the midfield again and launch fiercer attacks on Arsenal, in light of the numerical absence that Arsenal suffers from after the expulsion of Gabriel Magales to play the Gunners with only ten players.

City's killer goal

Manchester City managed to snatch a killer goal in the last minutes of the Premier League summit through Rodrigo Hernandez, who managed to score against Arsenal in the last minute.